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The world's leading industrial nations compete for three major technological fields, Germany and China to explore intelligent ma

The world's leading industrial nations compete for three major technological fields, Germany and China to explore intelligent ma

The 5 day 2018 Hannover Industrial Expo, Germany, will be concluded on the 27 day. As the largest industrial exhibition in the world, the Fair attracted more than 5000 exhibitors from 75 countries and regions, of which 6 of the exhibitors came from outside Germany. There are more than 1000 exhibitors in China, and the number of exhibitors is second only to that of Germany. With the theme of "integrated industry - interconnection and collaboration", the Expo has become a hot spot of attention and popularity....
Three major focal points of global science and technology competition
In the rapid development of digital information age, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, robots and other technologies have brought opportunities to further enhance the productivity of the industrial field, so it has become the field of development of the major industrial countries. At this Expo, automation, predictability and connectivity become the concept of manufacturers.
On the stand of IBM, artificial intelligence brings "predictive maintenance" to large escalator equipment. Through the collection and analysis of big data, artificial intelligence can predict the parts of professional machinery and equipment problems, so that technicians can take measures in advance. This "predictive maintenance" applies to all kinds of equipment in industrial production.
Bauer, senior vice president of the biggest software company of Europe, said, "artificial intelligence makes interconnections between machines. If you get information from a machine, you can start to predict the results of it, predict the quality of the product, and even predict the whole logistics program. The production and operation model is no longer a problem. Only the passive reaction. "
He showed the production line of simulated beverage bottling operation. With the help of artificial intelligence, a large number of data on the new production line are fed back and analyzed in real time, and the efficient "personalized" production of different color liquids into each bottle is finally realized.
The international data company released a report that the Internet of things platform links all elements of the industrial ecological environment together, the manufacturers can aggregate the ecological partners to form industrial alliances, explore business models, collaboration and division of labor, and push the animal networking solutions to the ground in more applications.
On the HUAWEI exhibition platform in China, a robot holds a square plate with a ball on it. In order to keep the ball from falling, the robot wants to achieve very stable and accurate manipulation, which requires fifth generation mobile communication technology (5G) to complete the efficient networking manipulation.
However, before the large-scale application of 5G technology, the Internet of things under 4G still has wide application scenarios. Yu Haoen, the marketing manager of the global mobile communication system association, said that some daily applications of the Internet of things, such as intelligent meter, water meter and so on, can be completed by the existing 4G network. The cost of the Internet of things based on 4G is low, suitable for large-scale popularization and Application.
In order to improve the efficiency and safety of industrial production, industrial robots have been the focus of competition among countries. Industrial robots are very eye-catching at this industry fair.
Germany's KUKA robotic company shows the latest lightweight human-machine interaction robot. The company's leader said that the biggest advantage of this robot is its excellent adaptability. One prototype equipped with a three-dimensional perception camera can react sensitively to any changes in the scene and adjust the operation track immediately. He said: "this robot is expected to be officially launched in 2019. As a big country of electronic industry, China is expected to become the largest market for this product. " According to the latest data of the International Federation of robotics, China has become the world's largest robot market since 2013 and has maintained strong growth.
China's manufacturing is becoming more and more attractive
This year, the number of exhibitors from China is more than 1000 only to host Germany, with only more than 60 exhibitors in one city in Shenzhen. A number of excellent enterprises such as aerospace science, engineering, HUAWEI and Haier have demonstrated the development capability and strong achievements of China's manufacturing industry, and further expanded international cooperation.
At the present fair, Haier group has shown an upgraded version of the industrial Internet platform COSMOPlat, with China's independent intellectual property rights and the introduction of the full process participation experience of the user, which has attracted a large number of visitors and colleagues to pay attention to it.
Into the Haier exhibition area, the intelligent factory production line based on COSMOPlat is in the central position, and multiple robotic arms work together. According to the unique requirements identified by the initial user face recognition system, a customized refrigerator or washing machine model is produced. At the payment side, the user must "brush face" to confirm that the robot will deliver the product....